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SELECTED 8 Firming Biocellulose Treatment Masks
SELECTED 8 Firming Biocellulose Treatment Masks

8 Firming Biocellulose Treatment Masks



Our masks are packed with hydrating ingredients and powerful antioxidants delivered through our patent pending biocellulose technology.  These age-defying masks leave your skin feeling soft and plump after one use!
There is no comparison between the Trendous Biocellulose face mask vs. the cheap sheet masks out there. If you like sheet masks then you are going to LOVE our Biocellulose face mask. Our Biocellulose Mask contours to your face like a second skin and allows maximum absorption of our high quality serum to penetrate deep into your pores thus giving you amazing results.
  • Look Younger – Restores youthful suppleness and radiance with a single application.
  • Rejuvenate Your Skin – Create a luminous and radiant glow.
  • Erase Years of Skin Damage Eliminate fine lines around the eyes and mouth.   Reduce under eye and facial puffiness.  Soften deep wrinkles across the forehead and between the eyebrows.
  • Feel Sexy – Get Noticed and Increase Confidence.
  • Firm Facial Contours – Define cheeks, neck and jawline.  Tighten large and uneven facial pores.
  • Total Luxury for Your Skin – Our highly effective formula  and patent pending biocellulose technology will make you feel luxurious and beautiful.